J.C. has seven CD albums currently available through PayPal. Please browse below for song lists, track previews and footnotes.

100 Years In The Making :

The Panama Picnic Orchestra. (£12)


100 Years In The Making Prewiew:

This long awaited  new release is an exciting 12 track album bringing together a collection of new original songs written specifically for this band by JC and his son Sol (a formidable musician in his own right.)  They are joined by the hugely talented and dynamic Jon Thorne on bass and Chris Jones on drums and percussion, and with guest performances from Richard White (clarinet), Magnus Hawker-French (trombone), and David Hences (violin).  The main inspiration for these new works hails from the hot club gypsy jazz swing era along with other influences such as mambo, world, classic jazz and vaudeville shining through.

Song Titles

Love Came To Town
I’m In The Mood For Love
Sweet Annabel
Lazing Around
Never Meant To Be
Just One Kiss
Down To The River
Long Way To Heaven
Lime Time
Shine A Little Love On Me 

For What You Seek (You Will Find)

J.C. And The Supernumeraries. (£10)

For What You Seek Preview:

‘For what you seek’ is the title of JC’s last solo Album, featuring 11 new songs. The album takes you on a musical journey from quirky dance-band calypsos, to driving down- home stomp blues, and from mystic story ballads, to small-town heart felt country laments. The album features a whole host of tantalizing sonic arrangements: hawaiian steel guitars, mandolins, bouzouki, strings, vintage guitars , upright bass, piano, drums and percussion and a few more surprises all combine to create and deliver the rhythms and grooves that ebb and flow and are certain to get you movin’!

J.C. is joined by fellow musicians Paul Armfield, Chris Jones, Kathy Grimshaw, Dave Godby, Mike Rodrigues and sister Angelina to make up the supernumeraries.

“I feel confident that we have managed to really capture the spirit and vitality of these songs on record, which has always been my main objective. The songs have always worked well live, and now I’m excited to hear how well they come across on the album.”.

Song Titles

Blue Rooster Blues (calypso)
Messing Around (dark ballad)
Many Ways To Heaven (groove pop ballad)
Gossip Blues (stomp blues)
That Old Jazz Song (country lament)
Hanging Around (story ballad)
For What You Seek (groove mystic ballad)
Time Don’t Wait For No-One (blues ballad)
Black Pearl Necklace (blues)
Birds Of Prey (calypso)
Turtle Dove Don’t Fly Away (country lament)

This album comes with an 8 page full colour booklet with song lyrics, band photos and art work taken from oil paintings by the artist John Rufus Grimshaw.

Love Song Walking


Love Song Walking Preview:

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Love Song Walking is J.C.’s third solo album. Accordian, violins and piano add to the instrumental line up.

The twelve original songs have a folk/country influence but maintain J.C.’s unique creative style. The album is a mixture of light acoustic and full band production. Fellow musicians Paul Armfield (double bass), Rupert Brown (drums), Barkley Mckay (piano and organ) Kathy Grimshaw (violins) Jake Rodrigues (accordian) and Angelina (backing vocals) make up the band. This album has proved to be very popular and has enjoyed much radio play.

Song Titles

Game Of Attractions (Folk/Contemp. Ballad)
Look Into Your Eyes (Folk Ballad)
S-O-S (Folk/Country Ballad)
Taking It Slow (Blues Ballad)
Prisoner In Love (Folk/Contemp. Ballad)
Table Bouquets (Folk/Country Ballad)
Some Day Soon (Folk/Contemp. Lament)
Blossom Street (Folk/Contemp. Ballad)
Evil Bones (Mystic Ballad)
The Loser In Love. (Folk Ballad)
Love Song Walking (Folk/Contemp. Ballad)
Old Memories Wander (Folk/Country Lament)

This album comes with an 8 page full colour booklet with all song lyrics, band photos and art work taken from oil paintings by the artist John Rufus Grimshaw.

Footprints and Dreams


Footprints and Dreams Preview:

Footprints and Dreams is J.C’s second solo album. The eleven songs combine folk, world and balladeerial styles and influences. The album has plenty of light and shade, and ranges from the upbeat, to the more mystical.

As with all of J.C’s solo albums he is joined on certain tracks by fellow members of ‘The Dance Preachers’ Rupert, Paul and Angelina. Along with some solo performances. This album has enjoyed air play on Radio 3’s ‘Late Junction’. Although slightly more left of field this album has still stood the test of time.

Song Titles

Jenny Do You Remember (Folk Ballad)
Footprints And Dreams (Folk/Contemp. Ballad)
Christopher Marlowe Image (Mystic Ballad)
Roll Out The Carpet (Up Beat Mystic Ballad)
The Lighthouse Man (Folk Ballad)
Love In The Mist (Up Beat Mystic Ballad)
Controlled Starvation (Folk/Contemp. Ballad)
Riding On A Smile (Folk Ballad)
Share A Memory (Folk/Contemp. Ballad)
You Got Me Dreaming (Up Beat Mystic Ballad)
Sweet Old Kissing Blues (Blues/Rockabilly Ballad)

This album comes with an 8 page full colour booklet with all song lyrics, band photos and art work taken from oil paintings by the artist John Rufus Grimshaw.

Dance When You’re Living

‘Dance when you’re living’ is the title of J.C.’s first solo album featuring 10 original songs, (plus 2 original blues songs from sister Angelina). This album has a strong acoustic blues-skiffle feel full of upbeat and high energy songs. J.C. uses National resonator guitars, Gibson archtops and mandolins to give all the songs his unique and original take. He is also joined on certain tracks by Paul Armfield on upright bass, Rupert Brown on drums and sister Angelina on vocals and rhythm guitar.

Song Titles

Ballad Of Rod Garfield (Blues/Folk Ballad)
Hey Hey Hey (Acoustic Blues)
Honey Man (Minor Blues-Jazz Stomp)
Pretty Girl (Mandolin Cajun-Blues Stomp)
Silver Locket (Slide Blues Stomp)
Mean Old Woman (Minor Blues Slide Stomp)
Goin’ Away (Mandolin Blues Stomp)
Well Well Willy (Mandolin Skiffle-Blues Stomp)
Little Boat. (Skiffle-Blues)
Train A’comin’ (Slow Blues)
Show Some Kindness (Minor Folk-Blues Ballad)
Dance When You’re Living (Slide Blues Stomp)

C.D. Currently sold out, but soon to be available as a download.

13th Junction


13th Junction Preview:

13th Junction is JC and Angelina’s second Duo CD Album. 
“JC and his sister Angelina have collaborated to put together 14 original songs showcasing the essence of their duo sound. 
This album takes you on a musical journey of roots blues, ragtime jazz add heartfelt ballads.
All recorded old vintage acoustic instruments delivered with their own personal signature. 

Song Titles                                                                                                               

Sinking Stone
Fire Burning Bright
Hot Dog Man
Hanging Around
Wishing Well Water
Train A Coming
Genie In The Jar
13th Junction
Mountain Ramble
No Is Not A Reason
Scarecrow Blues
Take My Dreams Down Home

Broken Hearted Blues


Broken Hearted Blues Preview:

Broken Hearted Blues brings you up to date with the current duo sound from J.C. and Angelina Grimshaw. This project holds 16 original songs crafted by the brother and sister act and their recordings catalogue their live shows.

Broken Hearted Blues demonstrates the duo’s commitment and passion Angelina and J.C. hold for the early blues – country – ballad songster sound.

The concept and title of the album tells of lost love and broken hearts

Song Titles

Goin’ Away (Mountain Blues)
Ache For You (Folk Lament)
Love Song Walking (Folk/Contemp. Ballad)
Broken Hearted Blues (Slide Blues)
Advertise Your Love (Jazz)
Take It Right Away (Country Blues)
Gladston (Cajun Waltz)
Hurry Home Blues (Finger Pickin’ Blues)
Fallen Down (Country Lament/Waltz)
You Got Me Dreaming (Folk/Contemp. Ballad)
Far From Me (Swing Jazz)
S.O.S. (Folk/Contemp. Ballad)
Mountain Hollering (Mountain Blues)
Old Jack Lightning (Cajun Stomp)
Dance When You’reliving (Slide Blues)
Show Some Kindness (Blues Ballad)

This album comes with an 8 page full colour booklet with all song lyrics, photos and art work taken from oil paintings by the artist John Rufus Grimshaw.


The Gramophone Party


Gramophone Party Preview:

This album features a selection of Jazz and vintage Hawaiian songs
taken from our live show and was recorded using a single microphone to
capture the live essence and spirit of the band as well as homing in on
the sound qualities and techniques familiar with the early pre- war

Angelina and J.C. have long thought about doing a jazz album but the
forming of The Gramophone Party and the results of this album have far
surpassed their initial concepts.

Angelina – vocals/guitar.
Paul Armfield – double bass.
Jack Tait – trumpet/valve trombone.
Rupert Brown – drums.
J.C. – guitar/mandolin/national tricone guitar/ukulele/vocals.

Song List

The very Thought Of You
Far From Me
Baby Won’t You please Come Home
La Rosita
Lotus Blossom
Milenberg Joys
Shades Of Blue
Farewell Blues
Can’t Help Loving That Man
Lullaby Of The Leaves
Cake Walking Babies

Ferry Tales


FerryTales Preview:

This CD Album features 12 songs of the sea. five new originals from JC, and seven new originals from guitarist and vocalist Dom Prag.
Dom combines poetry written in the community  with his eloquent  musical compositions. Along with some spoken Word introductions,  JC adds his own take on songs regarding  travel, seafaring, romance, lament and wistfulness. 
With special guest Kathy Grimshaw on fiddle ~ tracks 1, 5 & 7.

Song List

A Ferry Dance ~ Dom
Sailing Into The Sun ~ JC
Chain Ferry ~ Dom
Leaving ~ Dom
Take Me Home bosun ~ JC
Young Man On A Ferry ~ Dom
Sally Don’t You Weep ~ JC
Shorelines ~ Dom
Safe Arrival ~ Dom
I Like Traveling With You ~ JC
Departures/Arrivals ~ Dom
Adrift At Sea ~ JC 

Latest CD

J.C. Grimshaw’s latest album is now available.


“J.C. Grimshaw is both a fine songwriter and instrumentalist. He is simply a delight to hear.”

“He has to be the best exponent of hula slide this side of the Atlantic.”

“His outstanding displays of virtuoso playing elicit a fantastic response from the audience.”