Bands currently performing, and available for booking:

JC and Angelina (Duo or fun band)
Folklore (Folk and Romantic Violin Duo or band)
The Panama Picnic Orchestra
The Django Cafe (duo, trio or band)
The Dance Preachers
The Raw Blues Project
The Hula Hulagans

Bands also available

 (depending on the availability of band members)

-The Rare Breeds Medicine Show
-JC and the Supernumeraries
-The Gramophone Party
-The Urban Nomads

Over the years, JC has developed and fine-tuned these various bands to perfectly suit whatever occasion and event they have been booked for. He has a great team of fellow band members who are outstanding and versatile musicians working alongside him. The bands are all individual, all with their own style and charm, but with some overlap when appropriate. When asked to perform at an event, JC will choose the right band to suit the occasion. With years of experience behind him, he is an excellent judge, and always hits the mark. JC is always happy to discuss bands, suitability, and availability with anyone organising an event.

Details of all bands follow:


JC and Angelina are a versatile acoustic duo working locally, nationally and internationally. They adapt their sound to suit the occasion, be it background reception music, high energy blues, classic jazz, folk ballads, or guitar and mandolin instrumentals. With two guitars, two vocals, mandolin and harmonica they have been wowing audiences for many years, and never fail to delight and impress.


Perfect music suitable for a range of venues and occasions where a romantic, atmospheric, sophisticated and eloquent sound is required. This duo perform a wide range of classic jazz instrumentals, along with traditional folk airs and tunes, timeless classics, and french cafe and continental melodies. A wide variety, but all celebrating the diverse and beautiful sound of the violin. This duo can also be booked as a trio or four piece, by adding vocals, drums or double bass to suit requirements.


The Panama Picnic Orchestra draw their inspiration from Hot Gypsy Swing, Calypso, Latin, and Dark Mambo. The band have crafted a set of all new exciting and emotive originals. They bring the rhythms and textures of the vintage era to the present day with a captivating and thrilling flare and energy. The band sees the collaboration of four great musicians in their own right: JC Grimshaw (vocals and acoustic guitar). Jon Thorne (double bass). Chris Jones (drums and percussion). Sol Grimshaw (acoustic guitar and lead). And featuring occasional guests on violin, trombone, clarinet.


This 2, 3 or 4 piece band sees JC joined forces with some phenomenal gypsy jazz performers. JC has collaborated with players such as Sol Grimshaw, David Hences, Magnus Hawker-French, Hugo Boswell, Sim Jones, Jon Thorne and Jez Gray. All our formidable forces in their own rights, but when they come together with JC in the Django Café, their take on gypsy jazz is explosive. They take the essence of Django Reinhardt’s hot club de France and combine it with their own take on gypsy swing, to create a show that is full of excitement, fire, passion and virtuosity. Guitars, violin, vocals, double bass, mandolin and ukulele/banjo, a band of flair and dare!


This 5, 6 or 7 piece band perform good time, high energy, roots acoustic music, delivering upbeat dance grooves drawing inspiration from Old Time Country Blues, Vaudeville jazz, Celtic folk and World music. Featuring guitars, fiddles, melodeon, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, bass, drums/percussion. Come and join us for a stomp and a hoedown.



The Raw Blues Project features the collaboration of ‘60s guitar legend Dick Taylor (Ex-Pretty Things. Ex-Rolling Stones) with JC and Angelina, along with Rupert Brown on drums. The band takes it’s inspiration from 1920s raw delta blues, and performs blues through the decades leading up to and including the psychedelic era of the late 1960s. Showcasing Dick’s versatility on electric guitar and acoustic bottle neck guitar, and capturing the essence of the blues in rhythm, melody and voice.


This 3, 4, or 5 piece band recreates the original authentic sound of the great Hawaiian guitar masters. They capture the spirit of this golden era playing Hawaiian and hot hula songs and tunes from the 1920s and 30s. They transport their audiences to the palm fringed beaches of Hawaii! Their music is full of fun and sunshine. The Hula Hulagans perform with dexterity and conviction on much treasured silver resonator instruments, with added ukuleles, violin, double bass and percussion, depending on the size of the band.


This fun 3 or 4 piece band features double fiddles, Cajun squeeze box, banjo, baritone guitar, drums and percussion. Playing old time fiddle tunes, Cajun stomps, polkas, rags, and string band ditties of the early 1900s, this band is quirky but authentic, and a perfect tonic for a jolly good night out.


JC joins forces with Paul Armfield on double Bass and Donal O’Riaian on fiddle, playing an exciting selection of Eastern European, ethnic, and traditional folk gypsy. Combining Klezmer with Donal’s own Irish Celtic roots this dynamic trio provide a startlingly fresh and energetic take on the music of the traveling people of Eastern Europe, and Southern Ireland.



The Supernumeraries features some of the members of the Dance Preachers, coming together to perform a showcase of JC’s original material. As well as being a phenomenal and dynamic instrumentalist, JCs songwriting skills are second to none. An evening listening to JCs songs has never left anyone not wanting more! His flair as a writer and orchestrator is dynamic and exhilarating. From high energy roots blues to beautiful folk ballads with exquisite string parts and harmonies, this band mesmerizes audiences wherever they play, whether it be Art Centers, folk clubs or major festivals.


This 4 or 5 piece jazz band specializes in hot, vintage and vaudeville jazz from the 1920s-40s gramophone era, featuring clarinet, double bass, drums and guitar. A lively and authentic collection of songs and tunes from this golden age.


The Urban Nomads perform world jazz, combining ethnic roots, fusion and mystical. Fronted by the genius of Gary Plumley on saxophone and ethnic flutes and performing a mixture of original material and carefully selected traditional tunes and songs, this band is an inspirational mix of melodies both eloquent and haunting.

Latest CD

J.C. Grimshaw’s latest album is now available.


“J.C. Grimshaw is both a fine songwriter and instrumentalist. He is simply a delight to hear.”

“He has to be the best exponent of hula slide this side of the Atlantic.”

“His outstanding displays of virtuoso playing elicit a fantastic response from the audience.”